There’s A Special Place in Hell For Fashion Bloggers 

A new web series from writer and actress Amelia Alvarez. It's based on Amelia's real life experiences as a fashion blogger in Los Angeles. The series follows aspiring journalist turned fashion blogger Mia Martinez as she is thrust into a world of rose gold gift bags and insta perfect personas. Mia can hang with the best of them but she longs to write about more than Pantone's color of the year. At the end of the day, she’s in no place to say no to gifted boots and night creams (that probably retail for her Echo Park rent). The struggle is real with her best friend/roommate Bart, who spends all his time bussing tables and daydreaming about Mia’s imminent insta-fame, ready to ride those coattails all the way to the bank. In true LA fashion, Mia falls head over heels for the nearest brooding artist-type, Nate Abrams. He's got looks, charm and a budding writing career. The catch? He still lives at home with his parents. LOLs. 

Mia will try anything once, be it an outfit, a career, or relationship, till she figures out just what fits.

Written by and starring Amelia Alvarez, based on her blog, www.clotheshorsela.com.

Directed by Michelle Bossy.